Joel Bentley is the principal of SJB Accounting Services. He has had over 30 years experience in accounting as a sole practitioner in Australia and abroad.

Joel Bentley founded SJB Accounting Services in 1992. SJB's first office was in the Central Coast as was the majority of our client base. We have since expanded across Sydney, greater NSW and interstate.

With a client base of over 6000 individuals and business entities, we have to ensure that the standard of our service meets client expectations, while abiding by a strict code of professional ethics and conduct set out by CPA Australia.

SJB Accounting Services is a family owned and run business. As such, our approach to our clients is very warm and relaxed. Our approach to our staff is that of long-term employment and we try to foster a friendly family atmosphere. We believe it is this attitude to our staff that helps give them the motivation they need to serve our clients as best they can and to achieve their professional goals.

“The hardest thing in the world to understand is the income tax.”
Albert Einstein